the last 10 of inktober

Here are the tiles (some completed in a hospital bed after an appendectomy!) for the end of Inktober.


Tangles: Inktober prompt yuma, plus meringue, keystone, and poke-leaf.


Ixorus was the prompt for the 23rd, and I learned patience for the 24th.


Sand swirl is an old favorite, combined with another new one: q-belle.


Cross-ur-heart for the 27th, oybay on the 28th, and wud on the 29th. Also fleavy and variations of rain and hibred.


For the 30th, frunky, and 31st, cruffle, with printemps, fiore, tipple, flux, shattuck, and crescent moon.

19, 20, 21

What a weekend! Last week I found out that I’m the proud seller of a house in Waukesha, Wisconsin, so aside from the rest of life continuing on, I’ve been clearing out the last of my belongings so that I’m ready on closing day.

Meanwhile, Inktober happens. Drawing daily is a great habit to get into, regardlesss of all the other life that happens. Here are the tiles from Friday through Sunday.

Friday: abeko tangle. What a great, organic design for a lift at the end of a grueling week.


Saturday: an old favorite, W2, along with some knightsbridge in the center. Inside the W2, I did some hibred (on the right) and another tangle that I’m not recalling at the moment (on the left).


Sunday: On the bottom, well. In the middle area, quandary, and at the top, the prompt for today: hamadox. You can find the step-outs here. Try it… so many possibilities!



We’re at the mid-point!

So, the prompts for the 15th and 16th were inapod and joki. Here’s the tile viewed the way I signed it:


In my tile, I couldn’t help but see the inapod parts as teeth. And here it is, upside-down, the joki assuming the form of what looks to me like abstract chicken heads (with beaks full of teeth)!


make it a double

Here’s my Inktober entry for the 11th and 12th, incorporating tangles from the list I got right here.

I learned heartswell, and duo-tangled it with copada, a long-time favorite. Click on the name of either one to get the step-outs. Both are fun and offer a lot of possibilities. Thank you Helen Williams and Margaret Bremner (two of my favorite tanglers, too).

In her blog post, Helen shares that she really loves heart shapes. I’ve never been a big fan. I think of girls named Lori, or Debbie, who used to dot the i’s in their names with heart shapes (or maybe still do), or valentines, or the fact that actual hearts aren’t shaped like that… and I feel the need to distance myself. It’s just too cutesy for me. No offense to any Loris or Debbies out there (and I know, and like, a few).

All that said, I did actually enjoy the exercise. I could possibly HEART heart shapes some time in the future. In fact, I made one side of the copada into heart shapes, filled with little baby shattuck and striping.

There could be hope for me, yet.